We'll ask you to provide a high-quality photo or a downloaded PDF of a document showing your valid address. 

It should show:

  • Your name: must match the name on your Dahabshiil account
  • Your full personal address: must match the address on your Dahabshiil account
  • Date of issue: Must be within the previous 3 months
  • A logo, or clear name of the sender: like your bank, your local authority, your utilities provider, etc

A valid proof of address document can be:

  • Utility bills: gas, electric, or landline phone (no mobile phone bills)
  • A bank or credit card statement (photo of the original letter or PDF of statement)
  • A council tax bill, or a tax notification
  • Vehicle registration or tax
  • Photo driving licence showing your address and expiry date
  • Any other government or financial institution-issued document